Andrew Neer, Director of Liturgical Music

Andrew Neer joined the St. Regis Pastoral Team in December 2016. His lifelong passion for music began while studying piano at the Yamaha School of Music in Indianapolis at the age of five. In 1992, his family relocated to Sterling Heights. He continued private study with piano, voice, and trumpet. At the age of fourteen, he began to write simple melodies and harmonies to lyrics written by his father. He was active as a young musician performing in bands, choirs and theatre (musical/dramatic) departments earning high recognition in each respect.

He attended Central Michigan University studying Composition, Trumpet and Music Theatre Performance. In his time at CMU, he had the privilege of studying with Dr. Eric Hoy Tucker (voice), Dr. Timothy Caldwell (voice), and Dr. Dennis Horton (trumpet). Though his main focus was on performance and singing, he composed throughout his undergraduate work. In addition to his private instrument instructors, Mr. Neer was privileged to work with composers Scott R. Harding, Jose-Luis Maurtua, and David R. Gillingham.

Mr. Neer’s compositional career began with a great undertaking writing a spectacle in honor of those lost in the United States Civil War The Battle Grounds for Symphonic Wind Ensemble. Since, he has composed original underscores for several theatrical productions including Moliere’s Tartuffe and sought out collaborations on a short ballet A Mother’s Love. He was honored to write music for critically acclaimed performers Dr. Eric Hoy Tucker (Southern Salute) and Dr. Alexandra Mascolo-David. In addition, he has been honored to compose music for several short films that have toured the independent film competitions.

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