Cynthia Neer, Parish Secretary

Cynthia began working in Detroit parishes in January 2000. She joined the St. Regis staff in 2003. Through her years at St. Regis she has assisted with various parish responsibilities in support of the pastoral team, school and parishioners. Prior to beginning her career in the Archdiocese of Detroit, Cynthia worked in the Catholic Church in a parish in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia from 1974 until 1981. Other employment experiences have included working for a tier two automotive company.

Blessings in Cynthia’s life include the marriage of 41+ years to her late husband, Lawrence. She was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. Cynthia attended Catholic school including attending Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama. Following the path that God presented to the family, she moved to Michigan in 1995.

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