Legion of Mary


The Legion of Mary, formed in 1921 in Ireland, is a parish-based apostolic organization to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Faith.  It was established in the United States in 1931 and has over 2 million active members worldwide devoted to the spiritual works of mercy.

In St. Regis we have a morning and evening group, called a praesidium, of Legion of Mary members.  We visit, pray and bring Holy Communion to the lonely and the sick.  We promote and encourage people to participate in devotions like Eucharistic Adoration and Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Here at St. Regis we have two praesidia of the Legion of Mary:

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Praesidium

President:  Eileen Page, eileenpage2015@gmail.com

Vice President:  Sally Masters, sallymasters49@msn.com

Treasurer:  Joan Shaughnessy, crabbyjo@icloud.com

Secretary:  Traci Garippa, jmtgarippa@gmail.com

Meeting Time:  Every Thursday at 9 am in Small Conference Room at St. Regis Parish Office


Morning Star Praesidium

President:  Steve Badalament, iddrumco@gmail.com

Vice President:  Orlando Blanco, olb@blancopc.com

Treasurer:  Gina Oraha, vocation004@gmail.com

Secretary:  Barb Johns, BJOHNS999@msn.com

Meeting Time:  Every Thursday at 7:30 pm in Small Conference Room at St. Regis Parish Office



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