Lynette Timlin

Lynette Timlin, Art Teacher

Lynette Marie Timlin attended 12 years of Catholic school, at Shrine of the Little Flower, Our Lady Queen of Martyrs and Marian High School. She  is the mother of three sons who also attended Catholic schools.

Lynette earned her LX K-12, Art Education (BS) from Western Michigan University and has more than 40 credits in the Fine Art Program at Wayne State University. She retains a “Highly Qualified Teaching” status and believes creating art in her own studio at home gives her a deeper insight as an art teacher.

Lynette began teaching for the Archdiocese of Detroit in 2005 and has taught art for more than 20 years. She began her career at Marian, then worked at Our Lady Queen of Martrys. She is the Art Chairperson at St. Regis and teaches Young Fives through 8th grade.

As a muralist and fine artist herself she instructed St. Regis students how to paint a mural. The St. Regis mural is 52’x8’ and is located outside of the Father Shields Club Room. The mural depicts the students’ spiritual and social life in the community of St. Regis Catholic School.

Lynette feels blessed to teach art to the wonderful students at St. Regis.

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