Wake Service Leader

If one member suffers in the body of Christ which is the Church, all the members suffer with that member.– 1 Corinthians 12:26

When a member of Christ’s Body dies, the faithful are called to a ministry of consolation to those who have suffered the loss of one whom they love.

Participants in this ministry represent the St. Regis parish community, extending the condolences and prayers of the parish to the family and friends of the deceased as they lead them in the celebration of the Vigil Rite on the evening before the funeral liturgy. The Vigil Rite consists of Scripture readings, a reflection, and prayers.

Any fully initiated Catholic in good standing with the Church may receive training for this ministry. Ministers must participate in a Protecting God’s Children workshop, complete a background check, abide by the Archdiocesan Volunteer Code of Conduct, and participate in yearly formation (continuing education).

Is the Lord inviting you to participate in this ministry?  Contact Mary Von Koss at mary.vonkoss@stregis.org for more information or to volunteer.

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