Communal Prayer at St. Regis

We are a praying community! Please join us in the many ways we pray with and for each other!

Prayer Chain

Use this wonderful way to get an immediate need out for prayer, or as a way to have prayer take place without publishing the name in the bulletin. If you or someone you know is in need of prayer or if you would like to be part of this ministry, contact Alexis Pollard at 248-792-9394 or alexisamp@aol.com.

Intercessions at Mass

Often prayer requests involve urgent situations of health or other serious concerns, and people want the whole parish to pray. For these we incorporate the names into the intercessions at the weekday and Sunday Masses. When this occurs, we will also list them in the following weekend’s bulletin. They will be listed for one week.

Prayers for the Sick List

When there is an ongoing illness we have the Prayer for the Sick list which will be in the bulletin twice a month. To add a name, we need a contact name and phone number from a family member who can keep us updated about the situation. Names will be on for three months. If there is still a need for special prayer, simply call the parish office and they will be put on for another three months. This can continue as long as needed. We would also like to know where the person is (nursing home, hospital, etc.) and we need to know if anyone is bringing Communion. We have a group of people trained to provide Communion to sick and homebound parishioners

Prayers for the Military

Through the bulletin we pray for those in the military. The list will now be updated periodically. As the list has not been updated in some time we will start a fresh list. Call the parish office and let us know the name(s) and branch of service. This list will appear monthly in the bulletin.

Oil of the Sick

The housing for the sacred oils is now just within the main entry of the church. One reason for making the oils more visible is to encourage communal prayer with the oils. As Fr. Buersmeyer mentioned in his column, we will now be using those oils in the context of Sunday Eucharist. We hope anyone who needs to be anointed will request anointing after any Mass. We will gather a small group around the one requesting, pray, and the priest will anoint the person. We will also plan for quarterly Masses with Anointing of the Sick so that we bring this important sacrament into the rhythm of the parish.

Prayer Teams

On the third Saturday of the month, immediately following 4:30 p.m. Mass, anyone in need of prayer can come to our Prayer Team in the chapel to ask that they pray for any intention. Our Prayer Team is specially trained to assist you or a loved one in prayer. This is not a counseling session or a problem-solving team. The Prayer Team is simply here to be with you and to ask the Lord for His grace upon you. All prayer requests on kept strictly confidential. There is no need to contact the parish office in advance to ask for prayer, just come to the chapel and our team will take care of you.






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