Pastor’s Perspective – November 13, 2022

*Our Next 60th Anniversary Event: 60 Hours of Adoration

This week we are hosting one of the key events of our 60th anniversary year—sixty continuous hours of adoration, with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament on the chapel altar. We begin Tuesday at 6:30 a.m. and end on Thursday with a special worship and praise holy hour with Benediction in the church from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Each of the sixty hours will need at least two, hopefully more, people to be present. If you are able to commit to any specific hours from Tuesday through Thursday, please let us know by using the sign-up form on our website. Thank you to the current Adorers and others who have already signed up. We still need some coverage; please take a look and see if you can help. If you are capable of some of the late night and/or early morning hours, it would be wonderful to have a few more volunteers during those times.

The goal is definitely not just to “do” sixty continuous hours. Rather, the goal is to lift up St. Regis Parish in prayer and intercession, thanking God for all who began this parish, and all who have given so much time and energy to the parish over the years. We ask for the ongoing intercession of our patron, St. John Francis Regis, to continue to inspire our faith, and to entrust this parish’s future into our Lord’s care. Ideally, we need the prayers of all the parish members of St. Regis during these sixty hours of adoration. So, even if it is not possible to commit to a specific hour, stop by once or twice during the sixty hours and spend whatever time you can in prayer. Bring your family in for a visit and decide ahead of time what you will be praying for when you come into the chapel. You do not have to sign up for that ahead of time, just drop in. We have an opportunity here to establish a prayerful foundation for whatever the future holds for this parish. Sixty hours during our sixtieth anniversary year, what a wonderful opportunity.

Although it is not why we are engaging in such a prayer event, my own hope is that a few more of us will see the goodness in such prayer of adoration and think about becoming one of the Adorers who commit to one hour a week during our regularly scheduled adoration times. Also, even if you cannot make any of the other hours, come and be with us for the final hour of worship, praise, song, Adoration, and Benediction. I especially invite families to attend, who are otherwise so busy. It is an experience from which all of us, including children of all ages, can enjoy, learn, and grow in faith.

*West Maple Family of Parishes

As you know, St. Regis, St. Owen, Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, and Holy Name have been grouped into the same Family of Parishes. We have decided to call ourselves the West Maple Family of Catholic Parishes since we all are within a short distance of Maple Rd. Beyond that, the four priests have been meeting twice a month to begin the discussion of what it means to be a team of priests “in solidum” rather than simply four separate pastors of four separate parishes. At our “in solidum” (fancy name for being a team of priests) meetings we pray, discuss upcoming events at each parish, offer support and advice, and try to figure out just what this new model means for our parishes.

A few simple examples. Though each of us has the primary responsibility for one of the parishes, we are assigned officially to all four parishes. So, when I covered for a funeral at Holy Name parish and the usual custom of offering a stipend for that service was given to me, I had to turn it down, reminding people that I am not a guest priest there, but am officially assigned there. Therefore, my (or any of the other Family of Parish priests) salary includes any such priestly ministry at any of the four parishes. A second example: we are all praying for priestly vocations in the Archdiocese of Detroit on the first weekend of each month, using a modified prayer card that we created. Also, Our Lady Queen of Martyrs created a Holy Hour/Prayer Service for vocations to the priesthood of the Archdiocese in response to Archbishop Vigneron’s call for a special year of prayer for such vocations. They were going to celebrate that quarterly at the parish, but we decided to have each parish host one of those quarterly Holy Hours, so that it becomes a family-wide event. St. Regis will be hosting a Holy Hour Tuesday, December 13 from 7:30 – 8:30 p.m. to close out our usual day of Adoration. All four parishes will be invited. Similarly, in terms of an Advent Communal Reconciliation Service, Holy Name will be the West Maple Family of Parishes host on Monday, December 19 at 7 p.m. All four priests (and additional ones) will be present; it is meant to be the main Communal Reconciliation Service for all four parishes.

The next step in deepening our journey as a Family of Parishes will be this Tuesday, as we gather all four pastoral staffs together for the first time, to meet each other, spend time in prayer and conversation, and begin to look at what each of us does well (and how we can all support those things), what we all struggle with (and how collaboration can help all of us), and where we might unnecessarily be duplicating things. We have no pre-conceived ideas of where this will lead. We do have a commitment, however, to try to help all four parishes and the three parish schools thrive and maintain their own sense of identity. Please keep the West Maple Family of Catholic Parishes in your prayers. Thank you.

Fr. Buersmeyer

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