Pastor’s Perspective – September 18, 2022

*Proposal 3 on the Michigan Ballot for November

Now that this proposal has been certified for the Michigan November ballot, we will try to provide updated resources and links to resources we can use to become more knowledgeable about this proposal, what the reasonably foreseeable consequences will be if it is passed, and how we can become involved in the efforts to “Vote No on Proposal 3.” On the parish website, under “News and Events” one of top items will be a link to these resources. We will also pass out any materials provided by the Archdiocese in the coming weeks.

If you are wondering, a good place to start getting information in conformity with Catholic teaching is the website of the Michigan Catholic Conference (, which among other things, lobbies for various policies based on Catholic Social Teaching. There is a link on the homepage under the “News Briefs” post. Whenever one or both of the core principles of this moral teaching—the fundamental dignity and value of every human life and the responsibility to provide sufficient resources for the common good—are at stake, the Church’s leadership will (and should) take on a public advocacy role. That is what is happening with the “Vote No on Proposal 3” advocacy.

The urgency of this advocacy is obvious. The vote is coming up quickly and the groups and individuals who are strongly advocating a “Yes” vote will be spending millions of dollars for ads across all news and social media outlets. According to the non-partisan website Ballotpedia, around $9 million has already been spent by the proponents of the ballot just to get the required signatures. As much or more is being raised to support a “Yes” vote in November. I am sure the Michigan Catholic Conference, the Knights of Columbus, Right-to-Life Michigan, and various other groups will spend a lot of money as well to support a “No” vote on the proposal. In today’s world, unfortunately, often the ones with the deeper pockets seem to win out.

However, it is equally important for us, as a Church community, to not simply be one more cog in the wheel of political advertisers. We can be part of the advocacy for a “No” vote because fundamental moral principles are at stake. But, we also bring to the arena prayer and fasting. Not simply for a “No” vote to win, but prayer and fasting for a change of heart of those who are adamant about abortion rights; prayer and fasting for every mother who is pregnant with child, especially for any mother who might see abortion as the best option, given her circumstance.

Along with prayer and fasting, we also can bring to the whole issue resources for pregnant mothers, so that no one needs to choose abortion because they lack the material and emotional support necessary to go through with the pregnancy. We will include on the resource page mentioned above links to groups who support a woman through the pregnancy and beyond, groups like Mothers and Unborn Baby Care, Mary’s Mantle and more. Above and beyond such groups, though, it is my hope that the bishops of Michigan, who fund the Michigan Catholic Conference and so will approve the expenditure of a lot of funds to defeat Proposal 3, will be equally public about (and set aside as much or more money for) women who need support during pregnancy, so that no one needs to choose abortion due to lack of sufficient financial and emotional support. How wonderful it would be if the public saw billboards, TV and radio ads, social media streaming ads and more, which clearly proclaimed our financial commitment as the Catholic Church to any woman of Michigan seeking help with her pregnancy.

*Wonderful Opportunity to Learn About Eucharistic Adoration

The bishops of the United States kicked off a three-year “Eucharistic Revival” beginning this past Corpus Christi in June. That so happened to coincide with our 60th anniversary Mass and our Corpus Christi procession on that day.  Now, as part of our 60th anniversary year of “Our Journey Continues” we have committed three days in November to 60 continuous hours of adoration, so our anniversary events are serendipitously paralleling this Eucharistic focus.

To prepare ourselves for that time of prayer and to make it a time of great grace and renewal, I encourage you to look over the resources available at the website. I will add that link to the “News Briefs” post that is on the homepage of the parish website. After reviewing those resources, I encourage you to stop by the chapel during any of our usual adoration hours, Monday through Friday, 12:30 – 6:30 p.m., extended to 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday evenings. Then, begin thinking about committing an hour or so to the parish’s “60 Hours of Adoration” from Tuesday, November 15 at 6:30 a.m. through Thursday, November 17 at 6:30 p.m.

In addition, thanks to the local Knights of Columbus Council we have invited a professor from Sacred Heart Seminary, Dr. Donald Wallenfang, who has a wonderful background in both philosophy and theology and is a Secular Discalced Carmelite, to inspire us in preparation for our parish “60 Hours of Adoration,” with a (continued on page 4)

presentation on Thursday, October 13 in the evening. Dinner will be provided. A free will offering will be taken up and all proceeds will go to support of the seminarians at Sacred Heart. It will be a wonderfully inspiring evening. Mark your calendars now. All adults and teens are encouraged to attend.

Fr. Buersmeyer

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