South Oakland Shelter – updated info

SOS (South Oakland Shelter) is a program run by Lighthouse of Pontiac which helps homeless families transition to homes by supporting them with lodging, food, job transportation, etc.

Before COVID:  St. Regis’ wonderful volunteers hosted a group of about 30 people in the school building each year for a week in June, providing lodging, transportation, food, entertainment, and support.

COVID drove major changes: the SOS clients are now housed in a motel and apartments, and parishes fund their lodging and meals for the week. This summer was our first chance to interact with the “offsite” model.  The St. Regis community, together with our Family of Parishes partners, supported about 90 people for the week of June 19-26. We raised funds for food and lodging, donated homemade lunches, desserts, snack bags, personal care items, craft supplies, and gift cards.  In addition, we held 3 outdoor ‘family fun nights’ at the motel with great participation.  Feedback was very positive.

SOS 2.0: the Offsite Version:  The offsite model is the future plan.  We’ll take our learnings from this year and shape a great experience for the SOS clients for June 11-17 (one week earlier than usual).   SOS 2.0 has different volunteer and donation requirements created to meet the needs in this new method of helping our neighbors.  We are looking for people to serve as Chairs for the new positions (see descriptions).  If you could see yourself working with the Chair of SOS, Betsy Jackson, and the parish staff on these please speak with Scott Anastasia soon so we can begin planning!

SOS 2.0     JUNE 11-17   2023     Betsy Jackson, SOS Co-Chair



Work with SOS Chair and Parish staff to create and execute the Development strategy for ‘SOS 2.0’.  Communicate and be a passionate advocate for SOS including producing articles for Bulletin and website, speaking at masses, coordinating communications with other parishes in the family including articles for their use or speaking at their masses.   Support fundraising and volunteer solicitation efforts.


Actively coordinate food-related contributions to SOS sites (Rochester Red Roof Inn and Pontiac Family Center) during SOS week.  Requires planning for lunches, food purchasing, food donations, managing inflow of donated items, and arranging transportation and delivery to sites.  (Excludes FFN food)

  • Create and execute a plan for lunches: Produce or gather 90-120 lunches per day Sun – Friday.
  • Be on-site at FSCR each day during SOS week to manage the intake and sending out delivery of lunches, desserts, beverages, snack bags, etc. (using FSCR as the ‘hub”).
  • Create list of food and volunteer needs for Signup Genius. Manage volunteers.


Great opportunity to interact with the SOS clients!  Plan and execute 3 outdoor FFNs at RRI in Rochester Very flexible! Can include games, food, photography, entertainment, etc.  Recruit volunteers to serve and play during the events.   (Note: Equipment such as tents, chairs, tables will be provided and setup/torn down by Equipment chair).

  • Be on-site at RRI for each FFN to manage events
  • Gather donated food (‘snack bags’, desserts, beverages, etc.) and games (craft supplies, etc) in Fr Shields Room and deliver to RRI.
  • Create list of food, supplies and volunteer needs for Signup Genius.  Manage volunteers.


Support Family Fun nights held at Red Roof Inn in Rochester. Coordinate equipment rental, pickup, transportation, setup and cleanup, and return.  Includes tents, rentals such as tables and chairs, snow cone machine, games, etc.  

  • Create list of volunteer needs for Signup Genius.  Manage volunteers.
  • Be on-site at RRI for FFN to manage setup/cleanup of equipment


Coordinate with Regis school and other donors to gather donated personal care items, sort, deliver 


Coordinate SUG needs with other chairs; implement in SUG

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