South Oakland Shelter (SOS) 2023

St. Regis Church host week in June 2023

The need is great as South Oakland Shelter (SOS) adjusts to several changes and tries to stabilize assistance to homeless individuals and families. In March of 2023, all relief funds related to the pandemic will be exhausted.  Out of necessity, SOS services to the homeless will shift toward a more permanent “stationary shelter program.” We are being asked to trust that God will be at work through us, as the previous rotating shelter model evolves into a different form of outreach.  The homeless and working poor who are caught in these circumstances continue to need our assistance. Thank you for your financial assistance.  Your gift gives more stability to those clinging to faith. Your donation is their hope. Thank you again and God bless you!  This charity is one form of alms for our Lenten discipline.

Donations can be accepted through the St. Regis website from Ash Wednesday February 22 until Friday March 31.

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