Welcome to St. Regis Catholic Parish


For nearly 60 years the family of St. Regis Catholic Parish has helped people to center their lives on Jesus Christ. This website serves as one of our means in communicating with our parish family, but it also serves those individuals and families searching for a parish home or who are interested in joining the Catholic Church.  Our parishioners work together to build a friendly, welcoming and caring community that serves its members and provides outreach to the local community, in the Metro Detroit area, and around the globe.

We offer many ways for our parishioners of all ages to get involved!  We encourage all of our parish members to find their niche in parish life and to build God’s kingdom.

Explore this website by using the links at the left and at the top and go to our Facebook site (by clicking the icon at the bottom of the page) to learn more about the St. Regis Catholic community. Come join us for Mass or Prayer.

Know you are always welcome to the parish. We welcome discussing and accompanying you on your personal relationship with Jesus and you or your family’s involvement in our parish.


Please use the form below for most donations to the Church, including one time gifts, holydays, special collections, and Sundays. If you want to make it a recurring gift, there is a line for that as well.

Start with the reason/occasion for your donation, using the drop down menu, then continue with the rest of the information.

Because each occasion for a gift requires you to complete a separate form and repeat the credit card/electronic debit information, if you prefer, simply download the Electronic Giving Opportunities Enrollment, fill it out once, and return it to the parish business office.

If you want to donate toward a Mass request, please go the Mass Request page.


The St. Regis Parish Legacy Fund is set up through the Michigan Catholic Foundation. This is approved by the Archdiocese but is independent of the Archdiocese in terms of its monies. Click on the image below to make a contribution to the Parish Endowment.