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St. Regis Early Childhood
St. Regis Early Childhood

Our Early Childhood Program includes programs for 3, 4, and Young-5 years of age. We are dedicated to the formation of the whole child through faith, academics, leadership and service.

The St. Regis Difference

We offer an educational system using innovative technology including interactive whiteboards, a mobile iPad station, Media Center, and on-staff Social Worker. Collaboration among grade levels, classroom assistance from Academy students, weekly Liturgy of the Word and service-learning projects provide the Early Childhood a broader view of our school and parish community.

Our teachers are certified by the State of Michigan and are highly qualified in the areas in which they teach. Our teachers have developed a school-wide curriculum that is aligned with or exceeds the State of Michigan and Common Core State Standards using the Archdiocese of Detroit Academic Standards for all content areas.

Catholic identity must and does permeate the curriculum guidelines, the instruction, and assessments. Curriculum guidelines along with the Archdiocese of Detroit Content Standards provide a template for teachers to provide instruction, and assessments demonstrate that learners have achieved unsurpassed academic success. A process of continuous improvement ensures that curriculum guidelines are regularly examined and updated or revised where needed.

Encompasses the developmental milestones of children three through five years of age. Curriculum assessments are aligned with the St. Regis Young Fives program and Kindergarten core curriculum. We use Handwriting Without Tears and developmentally appropriate practices to introduce concepts and skills that encourage growth of the whole child. We feel learning is a process based on a continuum of development. Each child is assessed individually through formal and informal assessment tools and meet his/her needs based on the range of development.

Using play -based centers we meet the six domains of early childhood development:

  • Cognitive Skills
  • Language Skills
  • Gross and Fine Motor Skills
  • Social Behavior
  • Self-care/Personal Responsibility
  • Sense of Self

We believe these domains are met best by using intentional centers throughout the classrooms. Some of these centers include: writing, reading, block/building, sensory, dramatic play, art, media, technology, and science/discovery.

Encompasses the developmental milestones of the Preschool curriculum as well as core standards from the Kindergarten curriculum. This program guides our students in their spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development through center-based activities and academic standards in Religion, Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Handwriting.

Religion: Christ is the center of everything that takes place in the classroom
Reading: Phonics, Verbal Comprehension, Fluency, Vocabulary
Writing: Components of a sentence, and Elements of a Story
Math: Counting, Patterns, Graphing, Classifying, Addition

Science/Social Studies: STEM Labs, Science Methods, Community, and The World We

Live In

We provide a safe and positive environment in which your child can learn and grow. Our curriculum and school day are designed to meet the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth the whole child keeping Christ at the center. These skills build a strong foundation for the success through each child’s educational journey.

Religion: Live our faith through scripture, Mass, and discipleship.
Reading: Phonics, verbal comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, and rhyming
Writing: Components of a sentence, elements of a story, Writer’s Workshop, communication methods
Math: Number sense, identifying numbers to 100, numerical expressions, sorting numbers, geometry, measurement and time
Science/Social Studies: STEM Centers, Social Skills, Citizenship, Historical events.

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