Our Family of Parishes

St. Owen

Holy Name Parish

“Unleash the Gospel”

Foundational Conviction

“This means that the Archdiocese, following the call of Pope Francis, is resolved to undergo a “missionary conversion,” a change in our culture, such that every person at every level of the Church, through personal encounter with Jesus Christ, embraces his or her identity as a son or daughter of God and, in the power of the Holy Spirit, is formed and sent forth as a joyful missionary disciple. For families this means that every family embraces its role as the domestic church and, in connection with other families and single persons, actively seeks the spiritual and social renewal of its neighborhood, schools and places of work. For parishes and archdiocesan services it means the renewal of structures to make them Spirit-led and radically mission- oriented. For everyone in the Archdiocese it entails making one’s relationship with Jesus and alignment with his will the central guiding principle of every aspect of life. This missionary conversion entails a strikingly countercultural way of living grounded in prayer, Scripture, and the sacraments; unusually gracious hospitality; a capacity to include those on the margins of society; and joyful confidence in the providence of God even in difficult and stressful times.”

-UTG, Introduction

Existing Parish Structure (2021)

Parish Structure

Priest Structure

New Wine into Old Wineskins ...

... or a New approach to Parish life and Ministry?

Things to Consider ...

Family as a Whole Embodies Full Reality of New Mission-Driven Identity through As Much Collaboration and Sharing of Pastoral Leadership, Worship, Community Life / Outreach, and Programs as possible

  • Individual Parishes Maintain their Individual Identities, Legacies, Financial Independence and Responsibilities.

  • Parish Name (St. Regis)
  • Parish Geographical Boundaries
  • Parish Financial Independence, Control and Responsibility for Its Assets
  • Parish Membership and Support of a Specific Parish with One’s Resources
  • Freedom to Create Programs, Committees, Initiatives that Enhance St. Regis and Its Parish Mission
  • St. Regis’ Ownership of and Responsibility for Its School

Responsibilities of Deacons/Priests/Pastors Assigned to the Family
  • Assigned to All Parishes in the Family, Not Just One
  • Priests Will Create and Commit Selves to a Covenant That Spells Out Their Agreed Pastoral Responsibilities
  • One Pastor in Family Will Be Named Moderator and Have Ultimate Responsibility for Overall Administration
  • Each Family Will Have to Prepare for a Reduction of At Least One Priest
Two Possible Models:
  • One Pastor, Multiple Associate Pastors
  • Multiple Pastors in Solidum, with or without Associates

*** There is NO Mandatory Timeline for Any Changes ***


  • Weekday and Sunday Mass and Other Sacramental Schedules
  • Greater Collaboration in and Coordination of Areas of Parish Life among All in the Family: Service, Faith Formation, Training of Liturgical Ministers, Shared Faith and  Community Events, Etc.
  • Sharing of Pastoral Staff among the Parishes and Creation of Family Pastoral Council and Leadership Teams

The St. Regis FOP Timeline