St. Regis Catholic School has been an integral part of the parish from its beginning and has relied on the generosity of parish members and parents who send their children to the school. As school costs continue to increase, we ask that people consider a gift to the school that will help offset some of the costs. It can be given as a general gift or specified to help with tuition needs of students (Tuition Angels) or go the School Endowment to help build funds for future use.

Use the form below to make a contribution to the GENERAL SCHOOL or TUITION ANGELS FUND

If you are a FRIENDS OF REGIS ADVANCEMENT SPONSOR, select “Other”, when filling out the form below.


We also have a St. Regis School Endowment Fund, designed to create an ongoing legacy for the school. The principal continues to grow and interest earned can be used for school projects. For all who have sent children to the school, it is a great way to help St. Regis School maintain its high standards.