Prayer Ministry

How often have you made that request to a friend or family member? Do you have a need that requires prayer? Do you know someone whom you would like to be prayed for in a special way? St. Regis has a number of ways to take those requests and pray for them. Please think about connecting to these ways and become part of our prayer community who intercedes for the needs of others.

Parish “Pray-ers”

Formerly called the parish “Prayer Chain,” we invite people to be part of a larger intercessory group who are willing to bring into their personal daily prayers specific intentions for St. Regis Parish and its needs.  Once on the email list, you will periodically be sent intentions to pray for. Just go the Parish Contact page and fill out the email expressing your interest in this ministry.

Parish Teams

Parish Prayer Teams currently are available in the chapel after 4:30 Mass on the third Saturday of every month to pray for your needs or for the needs of someone you know. The prayer team is available to simply be with you and to ask the Lord for His grace upon you. All requests are kept confidential.

To be a member of such a team is an important ministry and requires additional formation. Look at the list of questions below and consider whether God may be calling you to participate on a Prayer Team:

  • Are you a good listener?
  • Do you believe that God can work through you?
  • Do you believe that Jesus is present through the power of the Holy Spirit when two or three gather in His name?
  • Do you connect to God through Scripture and prayer?
  • Are you willing to undergo conversion and transformation?
  • Are you able to pray more spontaneously for whatever need might come up?

 If you answered yes to these questions, we invite you to learn more about this ministry. Contact Mary Von Koss at (248) 646-2686 Ext. 4013 or

Adoration, Rosary, Meditation
Please see what is available at Adoration and Other Prayer Opportunities.

Requesting Prayer

You can contact the Parish Office248.646.2686 to discuss which options serve your needs best.

  • Intercessions at Mass: Often prayer requests involve urgent situations of health or other serious concerns, and people want the whole parish to pray. For these we incorporate the names into the intercessions at the weekday and Sunday Masses. When this occurs, we will also list them in the following weekend’s bulletin.
  • Prayers for the Sick List: When there is an ongoing illness we have the Prayer for the Sick list. To add a name, we need a contact name and phone number from a family member who can keep us updated about the situation. Names will be on for three months. If there is still a need for special prayer, simply call the parish office and they will be put on for another three months. This can continue as long as needed. We would also like to know where the person is (nursing home, hospital, etc.) and we need to know if anyone is bringing Communion. We have a group of people trained to provide Communion to sick and homebound parishioners.
  • Prayers for the Military: Through the bulletin we pray for those in the military. The list will now be updated periodically. As the list has not been updated in some time we will start a fresh list. Call the parish office and let us know the name(s) and branch of service. This list will appear monthly in the bulletin.
  • Parish Pray-ers: Use this wonderful way to get an immediate need out for prayer, or as a way to have prayer take place without publishing the name in the bulletin. Call the Parish Office at 248.646.2686 and request that an intention be sent out this way.
  • Saturday Prayer Team Prayers: No need to let anyone know about this in advance. Just show up outside the chapel after the Saturday 4:30 p.m Mass on the third Saturday of any month.
  • Mass Intentions: A Mass intention/request can be attached to a specific Mass. We ask that you do this at least a couple of weeks in advance so that the intention can be published in the parish bulletin.
  • Anointing of the Sick: We encourage anyone who is undergoing serious surgery, is in the midst of serious illness, or has serious chronic health conditions to request The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick . Please note: it s no longer talked about as “Last Rites”. It is a sacrament that most of us will receive several times in the course of our lives. If you need such an anointing or visit from a priest, please call the Parish Office at 248.646.2686 and let us know.