Respect for Life

“All life is mine: the life of the parent is like the life of the child, both are mine.” ~Ez 18:4

Life begins from conception and ends with natural death. It is one of the unalienable rights in our Declaration of Independence.  But right to life also includes the right to liberty, security and dignity.  We provide articles in the bulletin to describe these rights.  Attacks on life, from abortion to euthanasia and from death penalties to suicides are explained.  Religious liberty and liberty to determine one’s place of abode together with immigration issues are expounded.  Discussion on right to security includes right to just wages, education, health care and housing.  Finally, right to dignity assails the evil of slavery, including human trafficking, and of manipulation and exploitation of others.

We also address end of life issues like final directives and funerals.

For those interested in supporting pro-life organizations and programs, we assist and/or refer them to Mothers and Unborn Baby Care, 40 Days for life, or Project Rachel. We also keep abreast of pro-life/choice legislations.

Upon request we help with issues on human trafficking. We welcome ideas or new programs in that area.

In honor of life, we also honor mothers and fathers by providing flowers on Mothers Day and Prayer Cards on Fathers Day. We also bless pregnant women.  We encourage parishioners to pray for the sanctity of life on 40 Days for Life.  We are looking for volunteers to contribute to these projects.

For more information: on

Right to Life, contact Phyllis Sullivan, at

40 Days for Life, contact Jack McGrath at