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Upcoming Funerals / Memorial Masses:

Please Note: We will include in the list here any funerals or memorial Masses for those who died during the shelter-in-place lockdown, when they are scheduled by the family. PLEASE REMEMBER: MASKS REQUIRED BEFORE ENTERING THE CHURCH. THERE WILL BE NO VISITING/GATHERING IN THE CHURCH BEFORE THE FUNERAL.

  • Patricia Sullivan. Memorial Mass at St. Regis TBD. For information on her death visit

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  • Annual Blessing of Cars, August 9th.
  • Feast of the Assumption Mass Saturday August 15, 8:30 a.m. in the church, followed by a rosary of intercession for the parish and a driving of the parish boundaries.
  • Blessing of Those Returning to College and all high school graduates.  Weekend of August 15/16.
  • Outdoor Mass , Sunday August 23rd 12 noon. Due to COVID-19 restrictions we have to cancel the picnic portion this year. But for many this is a good opportunity to celebrate Mass, especially if you have been avoiding indoor situations. On the back field. Bring your own chairs if you want. Chairs will be widely spread out.
  • Webinar on Catholic Social Teaching by Fr. David Buersmeyer, Tuesday August 25th.
  • Protecting God’s Children Workshop. Due to the pandemic, it will be conducted online. All church, faith formation, and school volunteers are asked to complete this workshop one time. All new employees must complete it no later than October 1.
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